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tv   Headline News  RT  July 13, 2014 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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which certainly doesn't do anything. to teach me the creation of why you should care about humans. this is why you should care only on the. headlines this hour on to government fighters and ukrainian government forces both say they control an airport in. the city was shelled by kiev. residential buildings in nearby demands. the russian citizen is killed by a shell fired from ukraine. of consequences for the act but they didn't fire and russian territory. the conflict in gaza continues to escalate as the number of palestinians killed surpasses one hundred sixty the un is calling for a ceasefire estimating that civilians make up almost eighty percent of the victims
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. were germany twenty fourteen feet world cup champions in brazil the fading argentina one nil in the final making them the first european country to secure the title in the americans. are watching the weekly review here in r t international i mean i know neil grip to have you with us this hour we start in eastern ukraine where government forces an anti government fighters have been battling it out on an airport in lugansk both sides claim they're in control of the facility now the fire in the distance here is partly burning a run the year a poor earlier video is said to show show fighters. kiev's forces when they still
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had control of it elsewhere a shell fired from ukraine fell inside russia killing one person ortiz maria fanaa is in lugansk. we witnessed dramatic escalation of the situation here in the city of the gods get a tease continuing to deteriorate is now you can see shall in east continue and we hear that tikrit in troops now getting closer to the city center and to give and far just confirm to us that there are ten to twenty kilometers from where we are now and this is where the major shelling is happening and we saw a number of new checkpoints today on the roads leading out guns good looks like and government forces are now trying to fortify their positions we also heard about by on the highway connecting the guns and yes two big cities here in eastern ukraine that the operation commanders in kiev named as the targets and sunday also for the first time so-called southern district of the guards came on to a very intense fire before the ukrainian army was all only approaching
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the city from the north. from under her where being shelled by mortar schools been damaged the cleaning lady was killed and a fourteen year old boy injured the also he's a kindergarten the block of flats in the neighboring yards has been destroyed there are cranes is everywhere. people say the bathroom is the safest place to hide my husband and sons and together we can sleep people or if we continue their homes on sunday we also saw a very dangerous spillover of the ukrainian crisis to neighboring russia eyewitnesses say up to sixty miles wide from the ukrainian territory lended in the russian border town donetsk it has the name of the same name as the ukrainian city and we know that a private house was hate one man was killed and two. more people injured killed the
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man was about forty seven years old he had a very big family and four children he's still to saw her father just minutes before he died when you believe the key. is to the name of national issue this here burden of them is additionally showed us what those who want to be used to do it through. most of the coach. in which the doing the put out the spit spit which is foreign ministry condemned the violence saying that if it continues they sway a russia keeps its rights to defend its people and it's a national security key of meanwhile denied all the responsibility for the attack race nationality from the ganske in eastern ukraine there have been several other incidents witnessed on the border recently on saturday russian border guards were fired on from the ukrainian side of the dividing line the car was riddled with
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bullet holes but no one was injured. and this is the same area in the rust off region a week earlier rockets from ukraine had a russian border checkpoint there which is a major gate for refugees fleeing the war zone. now earlier from the house that almost never going to go down but i was little different thing when we come out of the never disclosed the night guard heard it would you did you are you don't want to be a. little lady bug that onion the more you think of that argument the movie coverdale you move on you must not really sure what was good. at least twelve mine workers were also killed after the shells fell in their settlement near didn't have residential areas in the city itself are also targeted
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on there are reports of casualties on anti-government forces said thirty civilians died in nearby which was shelled in similar fashion on sunday now you may find the following video the strobing bodies in plain sight near done time to dance in airstrikes have done serious damage to people's homes as well residents say the city is quickly becoming a ghost town with major congestions on the roads from so many people trying to leave one. president putin german chancellor angela merkel agreed that the ukrainian crisis is getting worse they say the contact group consisting of russia ukraine the. government fighters need to resume peace discussions putin on merkel also called for an immediate cease fire on the return of international monitors to eastern ukraine. yes military operation is targeting many different areas across eastern ukraine on r.t. dot com we're keeping track of what's happening across the region and beyond the
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detail timeline of the conflict. if israel's military crackdown on hamas continues to escalate with the rising death toll it says operation protective age is eighteen militants in gaza but according to u.n. estimates almost eighty percent of the victims are civilians at least fifty palestinians were killed in the israeli bombardment on saturday night bringing the total number of lives lost in the offensive to one hundred sixty caught in the final and people are fleeing their homes but not everyone has been able to escape the deadly attacks and it's really are a strike on the home of gaza's police chief has left at least eighteen people dead and another forty five injured over five hundred seventy hollis's and eight mos job been either damaged or destroyed in gaza since the offensive started while the
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i.d.f. fired artillery into lebanon as well after two rockets hit israel earlier government troops also launched three missiles syrian military targets responding to mortar fire from the country's terror. i. i. was. alarmed by. the mounting death toll the u.n. has called for a cease fire in gaza over the conflict shows no sign of winding down with israel's prime minister valuing to continue the operation against hamas binyamin netanyahu
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has accused fighters of using gaza residents as human shields adding the group full responsibility for the civilian deaths party fear reports for r.t. from me about the region. on a visit to gaza's main hospital we met four year old shame mastery she was injured in her abdomen she became collateral damage in a drone strike but i have a lot of pain. that about how william i don't have them but i want to. settle how to let the bad and that of a. furnace this head that that. will lead. to tell her. hello is this her that they knew where they thought i thought of blood doctors tell me they've been dealing with the biting shortage of medical supplies in gaza for the last three weeks as a result of the ongoing siege but even civilians that survive the violence suffer
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the mental effect. abbott lives in a neighborhood of shake red wine that was targeted last night in the fall and you know what's all this and i'll go down is a little there's a. gun in london if you. thought so. it's been a traumatizing couple of days for the civilians of han eunice in the south of the gaza strip two during its operation israel says that it's going off to hamas militants those ledges are hamas militants however it's willing to go as far as targeting that home and in this case israel killed six children and two adults when it struck this family home the family didn't have time to heed the warning drone missile which arrived four minutes before the main strike.
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almost feel still so subtle. in the middle of. them said that israel has made clear that it's not interested in restraining its operation on gaza so long as hamas rocket fire continues very sad to see gaza. for israeli soldiers were wounded on saturday night during a brief raid against a rocket launching site in northern gaza it was the first time i.d.f. troops are known to have entered gaza for an offensive and as artie's paula slee reports the instant triggered fears of a full scale ground invasion. well just briefly entered northern gaza the i.d.f. says that the purpose of the mission was to destroy rocket launching sites we understand that there was a brief exchange of fire during which four israeli soldiers were likely wounded but the army has since returned to israel of course the question being asked is whether or not this is a precursor for a ground offensive certainly since on the ground and from meet witnessing the
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massing of tanks and armored personnel vehicles and troops along the border it does seem as if a ground offensive could be imminent and certainly the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has indicated that this is an option that he is considering the word from the israeli army however is that they are ready for a ground offensive but that ultimately this is a political decision. it's really missiles have struck over a thousand sites in gaza this week and i must say is vowing to avenge those attacks the militant group has launched over five hundred rockets since monday oh our r r r r i was on the side of a visual strike caused an explosion at a petrol station leaving one person seriously injured a mass also fired multiple rockets tel aviv and jerusalem but no casualties have been reported israel's anti missile system iron dome intercepted many of the missiles keeping damage to a minimum earlier i asked an i.d.f.
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spokesperson whether she considers israel's far more lethal attacks and girls are to be proportional to the threat. this is not an operation in any capacity against the people of gaza this is an operation against some us against an organization that purposely and specifically uses the civilian population of gaza as human shields the point is is that you're defending your people but thankfully no israelis have been killed by hamas rockets in the last number of days but let's just get some more figures since two thousand and eight over a sausan civilians were killed in gaza that's right twenty times more than the israeli civilian death toll is israel's reaction to rockets fired by hamas measured unjustified there are four with five million men women and children living in shelters that is something with which we cannot continue and which no other country would accept we make unbounded efforts to protect the civilian population in the
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gaza strip before any attack is taken against hamas which include text messages to people in civilian areas phone calls to their homes the end of the day and why because i don't as you say yes margaret but why then is the u.n. security general urging israel to show restraint but prime minister netanyahu is vowing to step up the offensive so international calls are simply being ignored aren't they i and he calls about international claims really should be directed towards the prime minister at the end of the day as a military big been given a very clear mission that mission is to restore quiet to the people that are living in israel and to teach hamas that there is a very very heavy price to pay to committing acts of terror israel's offensive house calls public outrage across the globe with held in the u.k. australia and norway the protesters or whatever profile is the name demonstration in the french capital turned violent roaming crowds attacked two synagogues in paris protesters siege one of the buildings tromping around one hundred jews inside
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riot police then dispersed a rally and everyone was able to exit the building the french prime minister condemned the attacks and called the protesters actions on acceptable. germany has won the twenty fourteen fifteen world cup defeating argentina one nil in extra time earlier r.t. correspondent paul scott spoke to us from rio de janeiro. while germany all the football world champions and securing the title like become the first european nation to win the fee for world cup on south american soil it was a close edgy affair against argentina and extra time was needed to separate the two sides but in the end a cool composed finish for mario go was enough to win it for germany now inside the famous american our stadium behind me there were eighty thousand spectators including german chancellor angela merkel and although the argentina supporters far outnumbered the german counterparts it's those fans who have made the journey from europe who were celebrating on the streets of rio the same thing also inside the
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stadium with russian president vladimir putin with the responsibility for the fee for wildcat now being transferred to russia who of course host the tournament in four years high and with the cuts in coming down in brazil twenty fourteen attention is turning to russia twenty eight my colleague neil harvey is in one of the future host cities. twenty eight hundred feet from both ladies and gentlemen to be organized. i. back in two thousand and ten it was all smiles as russia defied the olds to be nine host of the twenty eight cup. victory came on thanksgiving slip promotional video pledged to develop the most countries. but another big selling point was russia's ambitious plan to build several new stadium in which will could games could be played so four years on how exactly is not plan looking well of the twelve stadiums to be used for and
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yet under construction there in killeen volgograd nizhny novgorod and some mara who should be rolling soon enough with those projects the jewel to be underway by the end of this year and meanwhile the progress that some of the other venues has given russia real cause to celebrate well here in sochi there should be no problem whatsoever the fish stadium is tried and tested during the olympics it proved itself to be a great success it will be one or two slight alterations needed in order to turn it into a football stadium but they're only minor that can safely chalk this one up as a success for the host nation this is an arena and boy is this a versatile stadium because last year they hosted the world student games that next year they'll put into swimming pools for the staging of the pheno world championships and after that it will be converted into a football stadium. in the russian capital there are two very different projects
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taking place with a new stadium going up just as an old one gets to down first there's the spot tax stadium a high tech high cost ground and in order to protect its pitch from the harsh russian winters he's using the very latest technologies and they include football's equivalent of the giant hairdryer system dish blows through the profile of the shore with on the soil heating. and bore hole to the sufis keeping the temperature as it should be and also we were going to have named a large later in the lakes that will cover half the pitch of the pitch will be in lights all day. so here is the spot act stadium in all its glory the playing surface is looking absolutely spectacular all the infrastructure is just days away now from completion it took four years of work and four hundred thirty million dollars of investment to get us to this point and it sees the stadium spot tack on
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the brink of becoming the new kid on moscow's footballing block but if you're one of those found superfoods you'll stadium to be a little bit bigger about haps have a little bit more history and there really is only one place to go. and that steer to the luzhniki which in twenty eight team will host both the opening game at the top of it and the big one the world cup final however in order to look the part for her big occasion the ground old lady of russian football is having to undergo a monumental make over. and by make over what i really mean is it's been completely gutted which is a bit how some fans must feel at the thought of losing a stadium that's filled with so many memories just like the nineteen eighty one mischka the bear or the tear to the eye at the moscow olympics.
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the fans shouldn't be too sad because while the insides might be new the facade of the luzhniki set to remain which means that it's not really goodbye but more a case of c.e.c. . reporting for r.t. . we've got plenty more few on line right now including. lighting off the sky it looks much bigger and brighter than usual the lighting and intriguing millions of people across the globe this spectacle is the first of three such moons expected this summer at the r.t.e. dot com find out when you can catch them. plus the chilean ports ghost takes a walk along the streets of santiago all to mark the anniversary of a nobel prize winner by devoted readers on cover the night. relations between germany and the us took another blow this week when burling
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kicked out a cia chief assigned there i can see after two high ranking german officials were in moscow as alleged american spy sparking some angry words german interior minister dismissed the information obtained by the alleged spies as a lot but said the political damage is disproportionately serious and he left the party member was great saying there is no longer blind trust in the united states while the justice minister is the mounting u.s. spy in germany stop once and for all he is sure europe correspondent peter all of our with more. sent packing and with a flea in his ear. i just want to say that if you see it was human common sense in my opinion spying on allies and friends is a waste of energy. germany has now told the cia contact at the us embassy in berlin to get his things and leave. for the first time after a series of spy scandals this is
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a strong message from the germans that they've had enough of washington's behavior . or foreign intelligence services isn't something we're taking lightly but it took a whole string of and biasing snooping slip ups to get that is stage it paints a picture of an abusive relationship in june of last year it emerged that the u.s. had spied on its european allies prompting this response from the chancellor spying on friends is not acceptable then it was revealed that mrs merkel's private cell phone was bugged by the n.s.a. washington promised not to do it again but refused to sign a no spy deal bilin still wanted to talk trade and rebuilding of trust between the transatlantic partners flash forward to april of this year when germany's request to see the chancellor's n.s.a. file was turned down even then i'm glad merkel was content to stand side by side with the u.s.
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president as he again spoke of their close friendship but the discovery of two potential double agents in germany and his many weeks and a lack of cooperation from the u.s. with the investigations looks like the final straw and it will be interesting to see what effect the expulsion of the cia official will have on an already strained u.s. german relationship now that berlin has shown its willingness to act peter all of a r.t. germany. as peter said this isn't the first time u.s. intelligence has been caught spying on its ally last june it was revealed half a billion private messages on call center received by german citizens were monitored every month chancellor merkel fell victim to her phone was tapped and in february it was reported that former chancellor gerhard schroeder's phone calls were snooped on in the run up to the u.s. led invasion of iraq one american investigative journalist told our t.v. latest revelations are leaving berlin embarrassed the german and american security
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systems was so interwoven you can't even separate from the basically the same infrastructure the same architecture of security so if germany was to say they don't want to it's very hard for them not to because there's so many institutions which are basically into the same incident the german political leadership. wants to be involved the united states they want to have an integrated security structure it's part of who they are and it's part of who they've been since the end of world war two but this recent espionage scandal of merrill being spied on and of the two rows recent cases is embarrassing for the german political system because it shows that germany has been very loyal to the united states with the united states still doesn't trust. us move on with some more news from around the globe at least eight people have been killed and twenty five others injured in an attack in egypt
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according to reports militants fired rockets on a military i post in the sinai peninsula killing one soldier as well as seven civilians including a child no one admitted to currying i think but rebel groups frequently operate in the area. at least seven people have been killed and dozens injured in clashes between rival militias in libya heavy fighting broke out for control of the country's main airport skirmishes between rival islamist groups have been on the rise since the beginning of the spring in twenty eleven. in the u.s. a commercial space station shipment carrying supplies science samples and equipment for astronauts was launched from the wall ups flight facility in virginia the on mon capsule took off after a series of the laser conditions of limited visibility due to cloudy weather and spacecraft is to arrive at the international space station on thursday performance . one person has died eighteen others have been injured after a bus collided with
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a car in the us state of indiana authorities have temporarily closed the lanes of the highway close to the city of richmond where the incident occurred and ambulance and police cars are up at the scene the cause of the crash is not yet known. well off the news for now but coming up on arch international we take a closer look at the fight for gay rights in the u.s. but if you're in the u.k. a u.s. air force veteran tells us what it's really like to be a drone operator. choose
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